Wig Maintenance Kit

The Kit that will keep your investment A1. 

Everything included will aid you in keeping your wig in the best condition possible which in return helps with longevity.

1x Satin Pillow Case (protects lace, edges and reduces breakage from natural hair line)

1x Paddle Brush (Removes tangles and keeps hair smooth both natural hair and extensions)

1x Travel Size GoldLabel Moisturizing Shampoo (A gentle cleanser free of sulfate that aids in keeping hair fresh and clean while also moisturizing)

1x Travel Size GoldLabel Moisturizing Conditioner (Keeps hair moisturized and educes frizz)

1x Small Scissors (Used to cut lace)

1x Skin Prep/Adhesive Residue Remover (Preps skin before using adhesive/Removes adhesive residue from lace after wear)

1x Lace Adhesive ( Gives lace a nice hold for up to 4 weeks)

1x Lace Adhesive Dissolver (Removes adhesive from skin)

1x Setting Foam (Tames fly aways and lays baby hair )

3x Hair Clips

1x Edge Brush

1x Bonnet ( Protects hair during sleep, keeps hair silky and smooth)

1x Lace Wrap (Aids in laying lace and baby hair)

1x Wig Storage Bag w/ Hanger ( Stores wig )




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Frequently Asked Questions

If you're a beginner you should start with a lace closure wig. Kim would be a good starter wig.
No returns or exchanges are honored due to each wig being custom.
After you receive your tracking confirmation email please allow 24-48 hours for their system to update.
No. Please order ahead of time to avoid any delays or confusion. All wigs are customized by hand and need time to complete.
Yes, all wigs on the website are made with an elastic band for a glue-less wear.
Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email confirmation to track your order. Please make sure to enter your accurate email address when ordering.
All wig orders take 2 business days to process online payments. Once payment is verified, your wig will be shipped within 7-10 business days.
All GoldLabelCo. wigs can be colored or lightened. Seek professional help if you aren't well versed in lightening hair in order to maintain the quality of your wig.
All wigs are made with 100% virgin human hair.
A frontal has more parting space and will cover your head from ear to ear. A lace closure can be parted only 3 ways, middle or either sides and will cover your head from temple to temple.
All wigs are made with the top quality virgin hair. Made to last up to 3 years with proper care.
Yes, wholesale is offered. Buyer must purchase 5 or more wigs to qualify for wholesale . If you're serious about offering quality products to your customers email GoldLabelBrand@gmail.com with subject line as "Wholesale"
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